My Wishlist for Imgur

Here is my wishlist for the fantastic image sharing based social network Imgur:

  • Ability to upload bulk images as zips from the web form. They already allow this through email uploads.
  • Have a failsafe upload tool. It tends to miss out on some images if you upload a lot of images in one go. And the images that are not uploaded properly disappears from the upload queue after a couple of seconds. Do not hide them and allow me to retry uploading them once the upload process is complete. Something similar to what Flickr has offered for a long time now.
  • Ability to run my Imgur account on my own domain. This feature request is similar to what Blogger, Bitly, Tumblr etc. already provides.
  • Add the Google +1 Button to the Gallery!
  • Ability to upload and share WebP and SVG files!